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About us

History Since 2019

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G.C. Fashion footwear was founded in 1995 manufacturing and marketing PU slippers & Sandals. The unit, which commenced its operations with just a few employees and a modest product portfolio of one item, today has made a mark in the Indian Footwear Industry.

With a daily production of a Huge Number of pairs, G.C. Fashion footwear is the Number-1 PU footwear manufacturer in Delhi.

G.C. Fashion products reach its end customers pan-India through a well-established network comprising of Vast dealers and a massive retailers, the majority of who have been holding long-standing relationship.


The management of G.C. Footwear has always believed in the concept of inclusive growth and has never spared any effort towards contributing to society at large. The Group is well known for empowering its workforce by offering entrepreneurial opportunities to many of its employees.

Manufacturing Facilities

G.C. Footwear has always been at the forefront of adapting technologies to bring out the best quality products at the most competitive price. Group owes its growth to the visionary approach of making quality products with contemporary designs at affordable prices as well as making them available readily across the markets. G.C. Footwear has ensured the pride of our products of place in the market.

Mr. Vikas Bindal – ceo GC-Fashion

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